Standstill 2, the second chapter of the sci-fi/horror comic about survivors of a global pandemic, is now open for backing on Kickstarter. When the story began six billion people had suddenly stopped moving, frozen in place but still alive. As this bizarre and horrifying event takes place, Earth’s remaining people try to endure and survive the changing world.

Through Standstill, writer Justin Gray and artist Jimmy Broxton wanted to explore the aftermath of such a disturbing event. They question what kind of people would be left in the world, what crazy things would happen, and what would the dangers be. It will feature smaller intimate stories about survivors along with the larger issue of why this event occurred.

The second issue will have a higher page count and exclusive alternate covers by John Broglia and Darick Robertson. Gray and Broxton’s goal is to raise $5,500 on Kickstarter. Pledge rewards include a PDF copy of the book, bundles, exclusive items, up to original cover art. The campaign is currently open and runs until Thursday, December 2.

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