The Detective Pikachu video game for the Nintendo 3DS will finally be making its way west, more than two years after it first released in Japan. The quirky title puts players in control of a young boy named Tim Goodman, who works together with a gruff, talking Pikachu to solve a number of mysteries around town.

“You’re sure to encounter plenty of other interesting characters as you explore the big city, including Brad McMaster, a police lieutenant; and Mike Baker, a man who used to work with Harry. Plus there are countless Pokémon to meet, and that’s where this Pikachu’s talents really shine—he can communicate with other Pokémon—and with Tim, too,” the Pokémon Company says about the game.

In addition to the game, an oversized Detective Pikachu amiibo figure – standing at nearly twice as tall as the regular Pikachu figure – will also be releasing.

Detective Pikachu is also set to be the basis for the live-action Pokémon film, with Ryan Reynolds set to voice Pikachu himself. The film is scheduled to begin shooting in early 2018 and is currently set for a May 2019 theatrical release.

The Detective Pikachu video game will arrive in North America on March 23, 2018.