Fathom Events and Viz Media have partnered to screen two classic Sailor Moon films in theaters nationwide later this summer. Sailor Moon S: The Movie and Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie will be in theaters for limited engagements in July and August 2018.

Sailor Moon S: The Movie will be in theaters on July 28 (English dubbed) and July 30 (Japanese with subtitles), and will be accompanied by an encore screening of Sailor Moon R: The Movie. Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie will be shown on August 4 (dubbed) and August 6 (subtitled) and will include the Sailor Moon SuperS Plus – Ami’s First Love short film.

The new Viz Media dub cast for these films was also announced at Anime Expo. For Sailor Moon S, the cast includes Chris Hackney as Kakeru Ohzora, Claudia Lenz as Himeko Nayotake, and Melissa Fahn as Princess Snow Kagula. For SuperS and the Ami’s First Love short, the cast includes Kyle McCarley as Poupelin and as Mercurius, Ben Diskin as Banane, Robbie Daymond as Oranja, Erica Mendez as Bonbon Babies, Colleen O’Shaughnessey as Pearle and as Bonnun, and Tara Sands as Badaine.

Tickets for both films are on sale now.