The Wicked + The Divine writer Kieron Gillen is teaming up with artist Stephanie Hans for a new comic series that looks at tabletop gaming in a surreal, fantastical and even horrific way. The series, called DIE, will be published by Image Comics when it arrives in December.

According to the preview pages that have been released via The Hollywood Reporter, the story will follow six teenagers who, in the midst of an RPG session in 1991, simply disappeared. Two years later they were found in a forest more than 50 miles away, unable to discuss what had happened to them. In 2018, the teens – now adults – realize that they haven’t fully escaped what happened to them in their youth.

“Role-playing games are part of the cultural conversation in a way they haven’t been since the 1980s. I suspect DIE is going to sit a little apart from most of it, especially the comics,” Gillen told The Hollywood Reporter. “Most of the D&D comics either are straight satires or leaning into the fun and games of those memories. We’re a lot bleaker. It’s me, so it’s still playful, but I take fantasy games as seriously as I take pop music and this is a product of that.”