Award-winning Square Enix role-playing game Octopath Traveler will be headed to PCs this summer, with a port of the title set to arrive digitally via Steam on June 7, 2019.

The title features eight different playable characters, with intertwining storylines and a unique visual style, one which the development studio referred to as “HD-2D.” When it arrived on the Nintendo Switch in 2018, Scoop’s review said that the game was “absolutely a must-play for anyone with a Nintendo Switch who even has a passing interest in JRPGs. Between an engaging story and a genuinely fun battle system, it’s the role-playing experience that this system has desperately needed.”

Scoop would also later list the game as one of their 2018 Games of the Year.

It is still unknown what, if any, updates or improvements will be made to the title for its PC release later this year. Square Enix is also currently developing a prequel, Champion of the Continent, which is set to arrive on mobile devices sometime in the future.