BOOM! Studios; $3.99

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #12 was packed with details. The primary story takes place on Black Dragon’s world where Billy and Tommy have been transported. At the end of issue 11, the pair came face to face with Lord Drakkon, the very, very bad version of Tommy in this alternate world. Thankfully, the boys also met this world’s version of Saba, who is still an ambassador of Zordon and force for good. He rescues the boys and during a reprieve explains all of the horrific things that have happened to his world under Rita and Lord Drakkon.

Meanwhile, on the original Earth, the remaining Rangers must stand quietly by as the desperate parents of their lost friends make a plea to find their sons. Things seem happy among Rita and her crew, as she has welcomed Goldar back into the fold and Finster is hard at work on a new monster – perhaps his best yet.

Kyle Higgins wrote a very good issue. There isn’t much action, no third act fighting for the Rangers, but the content was very interesting. Tommy must deal with the very real possibility that he could’ve betrayed the Rangers to work for Rita. Despite the fact that the other Rangers only get a few panels, it’s clear that they are devastated that their friends are missing and feel awful for keeping the truth from their parents. And whatever Rita has planned is probably going to be intense. As if the Rangers didn’t have enough on their plates.

Hendry Prasetya’s art and Matt Herms’ colors are stellar. It’s very Power Rangers – color coded and a bit poppy – but sets itself apart from the TV series. The dark mood of the storyline is also apparent in some of the more subdued choices.

-Amanda Sheriff