Titan: $3.99

After saving the entire universe against the Osiran god Sutekh, The Doctor, Gabby, Cindy and the amnesiac Noobis were ready for a brand new adventure! You'd think given their heroic past, this gang of misfits would know better than to fall into a trap. Well, you'd be wrong. The Doctor and his companions have found themselves in a circular pattern of nonsense.

Gabby finds herself stuck waiting tables, overseen by her “friend” Bianca, Cindy repeatedly gets distracted while searching for her dog - who is actually the Osiran, Noobis. Eventually Gabby realizes she's trapped in a repetitive loop, while Noobis and Cindy also manage to shake of the illusion around them. As for The Doctor, he's stuck in one of his own personal nightmare scenarios. But whose really behind this fake reality our heroes find themselves in? Pick up your copy to find out!

Nick Adabzis brilliantly captures the voice of the Tenth Doctor in this latest issue, while the art by Valeria Favoccia and Giorgia Sposito brings the adventure to life. Prepare yourselves for suspense and intrigue in part one of “Breakfast at Tyranny’s.”

-Braelynn Bowersox