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After a too-long layoff, Sex Criminals is finally back with its next story arc. Jon and Suzie spent much of the last arc tracking down other individuals in their area who have the ability they have (namely, being able to stop time when they orgasm) in an attempt to take down the nefarious “Kegelface.” And while they found Alix and Dewey, those two aren’t exactly on board with Jon and Suzie’s ideas.

Jon and Suzie also need to figure out… well, them, and how they function as a couple anymore. Though it becomes painfully obvious pretty quickly that Kegelface isn’t backing down from making Jon’s life a living hell.

Sex Criminals has been one of my favorite books of the last few years, and I’m so glad it’s finally back. Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky have managed to strike a balance between humor, action, drama, and pure raunchiness that just isn’t found anywhere else. I’d recommend that anyone looking to get into this series begin with the first issue, though for fans who are coming off of the long layoff, there is a solid refresher at the outset of #16 here.

-Carrie Wood