Image; $3.99

Myrtle Spurge, perhaps better known by Sex Criminals fans as “kegelface” at this point, has been an ever-present threat to Jon and Suzie since essentially the start of this story. But save for a couple quick glimpses, readers haven’t really learned too terribly much about what she actually does. Sex Criminals #17 sheds a spotlight really solely on Spurge for the first time, and serves as an explanation of the Sex Cops’ goals as well.

While I’d say that Sex Criminals #17 is somewhat of a filler issue it certainly fleshes out the story – and more importantly, one of the more significant supporting characters – in a good way. Longtime readers will notice the coloring shift during the Spurge-focused story portion of the book, which was done by Elizabeth Breitweiser; it’s just enough of a change to be noticeable from the usual but it works really well for the tonal shift.

Sex Criminals manages to be a consistently entertaining entry in Image’s catalog and is an absolute must-read for anyone who enjoys some good raunchy humor. I’d recommend picking up the trade paperbacks to get started, but this issue goes to show that even the most fillery of filler issues can be excellent.

-Carrie Wood