Marvel; $3.99

Ms. Marvel has been trying to fend off and discover the identity of a literal (and figurative) troll that has been harassing her and her friends online, and so far has come up empty handed. In order to protect her friends and her secret identity, she’s told to upload the troll into the mainframe at SHIELD – but can’t quite bring herself to go through with it, instead opting to face her bully head-on. After some reverse-engineering on the program by Bruno, Kamala manages to figure out how to punch the unpunchable and hopefully defeat the virus for good.

Ms. Marvel has always been stellar, but this story arc in particular has been wonderful and remarkably timely. With how many people (particularly those of Kamala’s age group) face cyberbullying, this arc has managed to be quite topical and relatable. The conclusion of this four-part story in the next issue should prove to be quite exciting. Superhero fans of all ages can certainly appreciate Ms. Marvel, which has clearly established itself as a standout in the Marvel catalog.

-Carrie Wood