Dynamite; $3.99

Diana and Jaime have their hands full in issue 3 (of 6) in this crossover miniseries. First, the two have to stop a missile then they must interrogate the bad guys to determine where their ship is headed, putting them on a path to Samarra.

While the ladies are saving the day, a collection of six villains working for Castra finally get together. Each of them has faced Wonder Woman or the Bionic Woman, but that’s not the only similarity. They have all experimented with combining human tissue with machine in prosthetics, cybernetics, and bionics. Could this mean an army of robots is on the horizon?

Writer Andy Mangels filled this issue with new content and plenty of flashbacks. Thankfully he provides enough details during the flashbacks to give readers an understanding of the villains even if they didn’t watch the shows on which the comic is based. Things are getting very serious for Diana and Jaime and it looks like they are in for a very tough fight.

-Amanda Sheriff