Titan; $3.99

The Doctor, Cindy, Gabby and Noobis recently escaped imprisonment in a fantasy world specifically designed to meet their every secret desire. Although, as with most things, every pleasure came at a terrible cost. Together the heroes were able to return to reality and uncover the culprit behind their torture. It was none other than an entity disguising itself as a red TARDIS.

This entity was rather enraged to discover its captives had escaped, leading it to kidnap Cindy as a result. After dragging Cindy into the Time Vortex, the trio of remaining heroes embark on a rescue mission of cosmic proportions. But can they save Cindy from this horrible villain before the Time Vortex tears them all apart? Or will they become just another story lost to history? Grab your issue and find out!

Award-winning writer Nick Abadzis continues to lead Whovians into a world of hilarity and excitement. Meanwhile, the breathtaking art by Giorgia Sposito and Arianna Florean transports readers right into the heart of the action. I have to admit, though, my favorite part of the issue was the cover from Iolanda Zanfardino. I mean, the Doctor in a “Trust me, I'm The Doctor” shirt - fantastic!

-Braelynn Bowersox