BOOM!; $3.99

The current storyline in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has been an onslaught of relentless action, and issue 14 keeps pace. On regular Earth, the Rangers, sharing the Green Ranger energy, are searching for Alpha, a way to stop the teleportation dampeners, and to find Billy’s Power Coin. What they don’t know is that they are being lured into a trap to face an army of Goldar clones.

On the other Earth, the fighting has reached full scale between Drakkon, a/k/a evil Tommy, and the coinless. When the heroes’ shield generators go offline and pulse cannons get damaged they end up separated to fix the accumulating issues. But, it’s just the opportunity Drakkon needed to make his move and several Rangers’ lives are now in danger.

Kyle Higgins is writing an epic story. It’s interesting, not too convoluted, filled with energy, and plenty of emotion. While early issues tended to focus on one or two team members at a time, the current arc is getting all of them attention in the high stakes conflict. With all that is happening, it’s certainly building to one heck of a conclusion.

This issue was illustrated by Hendry Prasetya with colors by Matt Herms. The pair brought all of the excitement to life, simultaneously keeping things dark and gloomy, but with the Power Rangers’ signature brightness. The stories from each world are easily discernable and the tempo was full tilt the whole way through.

-Amanda Sheriff