Archie Comics; $3.99

Veronica’s back in town after a stint overseas, and Archie’s not exactly the only guy interested in wooing her this time around. Of course, part of that is thanks to her father deciding that he’s going to take her love life into his hands and set her up with a slew of potential boyfriends. And it’s Jughead – of all people – who ends up playing ally to Veronica as she seeks to avoid her father’s schemes. Meanwhile, the Blossom children accidentally uncover some shocking news about their family.

Archie continues to be an absolute delight to read. The latest artist to take a turn on the series is Pete Woods, who is really breathing a different kind of life into Riverdale without altering what’s been done in earlier issues, and I’m really enjoying the new style overall. As always, Mark Waid’s writing is impeccably on-point, and every issue leaves me wanting more. Though this still isn’t going to be the Archie that people grew up with, it’s still inherently, definitely Archie.

-Carrie Wood