BOOM! Studios; $3.99

In a slight departure from the cliffhanger of issue 14, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #15 is all about Zordon. It begins in the regular Earth dimension when a portal is opened and Zordon is transported. He explains to the reader how he is living in a time warp and is now between two timelines.

Zordon witnesses what happened in the other Earth when Tommy chose to follow Rita instead of becoming a Power Ranger. He sees the other Zordon’s perspective, how he made new zords and found new allies, while always believing that there was good inside of Tommy, even though he had become Drakkon.

This issue extended the cliffhanger but it definitely wasn’t disappointing. Kyle Higgins has been writing some pretty cool Power Rangers comics and this one fit in well. Though it did not push the narrative forward, we get to see things the way Zordon does and gain a better understanding of his feelings and circumstances within the battles of the Rangers. It was gripping, emotional, and thought provoking.

Daniel Bayliss was very creative with his art. We have the standard panels of the Rangers and the destruction caused by Rita and Drakkon. But there’s also the temporal in-between, a tapestry of time where Zordon witnesses the past and the present. It was handled with well executed creativity.

-Amanda Sheriff