Archie Comics; $3.99

Josie and the Pussycats are in town for a show, and Jughead’s interested – not in the music, of course, but in the various treats he’ll be able to find at the food trucks by the venue. After accidentally tossing his ticket in, Sabrina casts a spell sure to get him inside. But in typical Sabrina fashion, her magic is a little less than perfect, and now the whole band is lusting for Jughead’s attention.

Jughead continues to be a standout for Archie Comics. The contemporary take on the character manages to stay true to who he’s always been while having an air of modern relatability. This issue features Mark Waid on writing duties, and you hardly go wrong with him penning a book. With the main Archie book taking a turn for the serious with the latest three-issue event underway, Jughead might be the book of choice for readers looking for something a little more goofy.

-Carrie Wood