Dynamite; $3.99

Harry Dresden has fought immortals, stopped the plans of rival faeries, and anything else the city has thrown at him. Though he could use a long rest, things don’t start slowly in Harry Dresden’s latest confrontation. After a vivid dream fight that reveals his own insecurities, Dresden awakens to a visit from Listens-to-Wind, a senior member of the White Council.

Listens-to-Wind has learned of a situation in rural Mississippi where four people are missing, presumed dead, from supernatural violence. He enlists Dresden to investigate the situation and stop any magical beings doing harm to innocent people.

Mark Powers wrote an entertaining first issue of the series. It begins in the middle of the action, which is a bit disorienting, but also makes the reader pay a little more attention. Dresden has the hallmarks of a haggard hero, from his tired expression to his disheveled home, but when trouble brews and a mentor seeks help, he answers the call. Based on where the issue ended, this could be an exciting story.

-Amanda Sheriff