Titan; $3.99

While the Doctor wishes he could reason with the Sapling over his recent attempted sacrifice, that much needed heart-to-heart is going to have to wait. Previously, the Doctor, Alice, and the Sapling found themselves reunited with Doctor Who favorites: the Ood. Now that the wonderful creatures have been safely returned, a new adventure awaits. One that leads them aboard a seemingly abandoned spaceship that mysteriously possess Gallifreyan features – it’s bigger on the inside.

This massive ship quickly turns deadly as the group discover a giant star burning at the heart of the vessel. As if that wasn’t enough, looming all around them are transdimensional portals and Thrakes – memory parasites that crave brains. On the run from these Thrakes, the world around the trio begins to unravel. But what they discover at the bottom of this rabbit hole will leave readers breathless. Grab your copy and join in on the excitement.

George Mann has created an out-of-this world adventure that leaves readers on the edge of their seats. Meanwhile the colorful art by I.N.J. Culbard brings the entire story to life. Whovians you don’t want to miss out!

-Braelynn Bowersox