IDW; $3.99

With the situation at Black Rock contained and behind her, Wynonna and her crew have headed back to the Earp homestead. Wynonna and Waverly are catching up, Doc and Valdez are now running Shorty’s Bar, Dolls has been named Field Commander in Purgatory, and Officer Haught is also working in town as a field officer.

Since things seem to be going well, this would be the perfect time for a guy with blood dripping from his saturated shirt to stumble into Shorty’s with a request to see Wynonna. It turns out, she knows the injured man, why he’s in town, and the people that will soon be looking for her.

Wynonna Earp Season Zero #1 kicks off a new adventure for the heroine, written by Beau Smith based on a story by Smith and Tim Rozon. Readers were treated to some of her past with plenty more to come. The question is – are they revenants or just bad bikers?

This was a solid start to the new story. There were a few comfy, slice of life pages, an interesting backstory, and having the whole Earp team together led to some comical arguing between the strong willed demon hunters.

-Amanda Sheriff