DC; $2.99

Things are beyond serious in the current Action Comics series. It’s not enough that Superman gets attacked by one of his formidable enemies. Nope, he gets attacked by Zod, Cyborg Superman, Eradicator, Mongul, Metallo, and Blanque. Did I mention that he was also blinded in a previous fight? They don’t call it Action Comics for nothing.

Thankfully, Superman has many allies and several come to his aid. Supergirl, Superwoman, Kong Kenan the new Superman hero from Shanghai, Steel, and Lex Luthor – yes, Lex Luthor – join the fray to help the Man of Steel. Meanwhile Lois and Jon are trying to quietly find a way out of the Fortress and away from the fighting.

Dan Jurgens wrote a very exciting issue. I’ve been waiting for the fight ever since Cyborg Superman, Eradicator, and the others started to gather. Surprisingly their big villain egos are working rather well together, but there’s always tension that could explode as in-group fighting. Seeing Superman’s split focus between trying to stop the villains and keep his family safe is also very interesting. He’s always been a boy scout, but as a husband and father there’s an added layer of priority that could make for some decisions unlike the typical Kal-El.

Viktor Bogdanovic, Jonathan Glapion, and Mike Spicer did a great job on the art. Zod and his crew are formidable, intimidating, and downright unsettling. Superman’s desperation is clearly depicted as he tries to find a solution to the fight, keep them away from the Fortress’ secrets, and protect his family. Looks like the next issue is going to be a big one!

-Amanda Sheriff