IDW; $3.99

Wynonna and her crew have settled in at home when a member of the Banditos, the biker gang Wynonna rode with, stumbles into town. As death comes calling, he tells Wynonna that trouble is on the way for her and the rest of the gang.

Issue 2 begins after Wynonna has already left town to rejoin the gang. The rest of her team heads out after Doc and Dolls share words and fisticuffs, planning to aid in whatever way they can. While on the trip, Dolls tells Valdez the Black Badge stories he heard about soldiers who were imbued with enhanced abilities. Once Wynonna reconnects with the Banditos she learns that those enhanced soldiers are in the rival gang, and are headed their way.

Beau Smith penned this issue with Tim Rozon, the show’s Doc Holliday. It’s part comical reunion, part comical fistfight, and part hype for battle – basically the ingredients that make the title so much fun. While this issue ends before the fighting begins, it’s not a slow or light read. We learn quite a bit about this rival gang, Wynonna’s old friends, and the loyalty of her family.

-Amanda Sheriff