Titan; $3.99  

The quest for Captain Jack’s forgotten memories continues! Last we saw the TARDIS crew, Jack had gone rogue while the Doctor, Rose, and UNIT Lieutenant Tara worked to help him. After recovering several of his past memories, Jack attempted to “save” the criminal Zloy Volk, by stopping the past version of himself from erasing him. Unfortunately, this misguided attempt at heroics left Jack seemingly erased instead.

It turned out Jack wasn’t hit by the eradicator gun, but rather beamed away via a transmat. The trio tracked his signal to Planetoid 94025, better known as Nomicae, and discovered Jack very much alive. Along with a very much alive Zloy Volk. Unfortunately, this is the Who Universe, where nothing is ever quite what it seems. As if the black market sale of the Doctor’s memories wasn’t enough, toss in the return of a cybernetic old enemy for extra drama. Things are certainly heating up for the TARDIS crew, grab your copy to see the epic conclusion to “The Bidding War.”

Cavan Scott has once again created a remarkable tale that any Whovian is sure to enjoy. Coupled with the explosive art by Cris Bolson and Adriana Melo, makes this a can't miss issue!

-Braelynn Bowersox