Titan; $19.99

Titan Comics has just released a new trade paperback collecting Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor Year Two #11-15.  This ongoing series follows the misadventures of the Eleventh Doctor, as portrayed by Matt Smith, and his current companion Alice Obiefune. The volume opens with Alice trapped in the Time War, seeking answers from the War Doctor. That’s right, the War Doctor is back and badder than ever!

Meanwhile, the Doctor is struggling balancing duty and honor as something horrific begins to stir within the Squire. Things increase from bad to worse when the mysterious architect of the Doctor’s pain is reveled. While the Doctor attempts to broker peace and save Alice, Abslom Daak is ready to take a chainsword to the enemy. As this year-long chase nears its conclusion, the Doctor and his companions will be thrust into the depths of darkness. Will the Doctor finally uncover the truth about his Time War crime? And will that truth change everything?

Si Spurrier and Rob Williams have brilliantly captured the voice of the Eleventh Doctor in this latest exciting epic. Coupled with the incredible art by Simon Fraser makes this a can’t miss issue! Grab your copy today.

-Braelynn Bowersox