BOOM! Box; $3.99

Daisy and Ingrid have continued to explore their relationship, but unfortunately, Ingrid’s various bad habits have started to draw the ire of Esther and Susan. And what’s worse – Ingrid has actually permanently transferred to their school in order to finish her degree, meaning she’s not going anywhere any time soon. But that’s not the only problem that Esther and Susan have, as Esther stumbles upon Susan on a date with her supposed-ex, McGraw. Both of these situations quickly come to a head, making for an uncomfortable situation for our leading ladies.

Giant Days #30 is easily the most drama-filled issue yet and perhaps one of the best and most relatable because of that. The web between these characters has been tangled for quite some time and it has been interesting to watch them determine for themselves where their real loyalties lie. The kind of fallout that is sure to result from this series-defining issue is likely to be felt for quite some time.

-Carrie Wood