IDW; $3.99

Wynonna Earp has gone from rebel biker to a member of the U.S. Marshal’s Black Badge Division. Though she’s now part of a police force that thwarts supernatural crimes, her past has returned and she’s rejoined with her old biker gang, the Banditos, at the Bloody Porch to face Keegan and his gang, Alpha X.

Wynonna Earp fans, if you wanted a fight you got one! Issue 3 (of 5) in this miniseries is wall to wall, panel to panel action. Keegan and Alpha X aren’t messing around when they show up at the Bloody Porch. Thankfully, Wynonna and her teams – both new and old – are ready for the onslaught with weapons of their own.

This issue by Beau Smith and Tim Rozon reads like the climactic scene of an ’80s action movie. There are explosions, big guns, impressive fisticuffs, and comically hardcore one-liners. Amidst all the chaos and fighting, they managed to slip in some important information about an element in the story that will likely be a key to future issues.

The art by Angel Hernandez is great in this issue. It captures the action from various angles, focusing on the most important moments without being clouded by distracting, extraneous details. Jay Fotos’ colors have that subdued Western palette that works so well for Wynonna Earp. The fire and blood contrast dramatically with the tans and grays, popping in this intense battle at the Bloody Porch.

-Amanda Sheriff