Valiant; $3.99

Ninjak #0 is a jumping on point for new readers who are interested in learning about the mysterious warrior/assassin. Throughout this issue, we see Colin King shaped into the man he is as Ninjak. His story begins during a neglectful, angry childhood, evolves into learning spy techniques and falling in love, to meeting the Undead Monk and seeing Angelina, his love, turn into Roku.

Matt Kindt is a very good storyteller. Ninjak is a rather moody title, it’s grim, it’s dark, but Kindt also keeps it exciting and fun by making the character flawed and human with extraordinary abilities. This issue is a nice spot for new readers that want an espionage comic with a bit of superhero flare.

The pencils by Francis Portela with colors by Andrew Dalhouse contrast well throughout the issue. At points the art is film noir moody and at others it’s clear and bright. Ninjak is always tinged with a magical element, which comes through in some glowing energy through the darkness.

-Amanda Sheriff