Marvel; $3.99

The moniker of “Captain Marvel” was taken to new heights of popularity once Carol Danvers took the title over in 2012, but she of course wasn’t the original. In Generations: The Bravest, Carol comes face to face with the original Captain Marvel – Mar-Vell, the Kree soldier who chose to ally with humanity.

Carol has found herself mysteriously warped through time and space to a planet under siege within the Negative Zone. After she ended up overpowered, Carol ends up being saved by Mar-Vell, who she believes to have died long ago. Unfortunately, Mar-Vell has no idea who she is. But the two are able to work together in order to save the planet’s native people from complete annihilation, and learn that perhaps teamwork suits them better than flying solo.

While The Bravest lacks a lot of the emotional punch that the other Generations books have, it does manage to do something pretty important – keeping Mar-Vell relevant to Carol’s own history. Since Mar-Vell has largely been absent from comics for decades now, it’s been easy to forget that Carol first worked alongside “Dr. Walter Lawson” back in the day, and it’s nice to see that the folks at Marvel have gone out of their way to keep that relationship relevant.

-Carrie Wood