Marvel; $3.99

The “Mecca” arc reaches its climax in this issue, which sees Ms. Marvel revealing her true identity to one of her classmates, Josh. Josh has been working under the alias of “Discord” for the so-called enforcers of Jersey City, K.I.N.D. (Keepers of Integration, Normalization and Defense), that the Mayor had instituted. Though he doesn’t necessarily get why K.I.N.D. is doing the wrong thing, Josh has enough of a moment of clarity to allow Kamala to escape from her prison and recuperate.

While Kamala meets up with a certain teleporting Inhuman canine, her family and friends take a stand against K.I.N.D. in their own ways – from straight-up protesting to actually filing a court motion to shut the whole thing down. Though the outcome is fortunately positive, the after-effects are sure to be felt for quite some time.

Ms. Marvel continues to be a standout for Marvel as well as for superhero comic books in general. G. Willow Wilson’s writing continues to be extremely relevant with regards to today’s political climate without coming off as preachy, and the artwork is still top-notch. There’s no reason to not read Ms. Marvel.

-Carrie Wood