IDW; $3.99

Years ago, Starfleet Captain Garth was presumed dead during a transporter incident, but not only is he alive, he’s also able to impersonate people. For instance, Captain Kirk of the U.S.S. Endeavour. Meanwhile, the real Kirk was below on Antos IV being ambushed by someone he thinks is his old love interest, Eurydice.

In the sky, Garth has assumed command of the Endeavour as Kirk, though he causes suspicion with his secretive behavior. Despite that, he convinces the crew to head for the Heisenberg – the ship he feels abandoned him after the transporter accident. On the planet, Eurydice fills Kirk in on her own encounter with Garth and the need to intervene before he does something terrible.

This issue was primed for a comedy of errors and mistaken identity, but writer Mike Johnson avoided the temptation. There was still a light tone to some panels, but it didn’t detract or distract from the suspenseful situation of Garth’s desire for revenge. It was a fairly fast paced issue that kept the story moving without skimping on content.

Art on this title has been very good, and continues to be with art by Megan Levens and colors by Marissa Louise. The likenesses are similar to the recent film actors with a great range of expressions and intonations. It pops with color, as any Star Trek title should, differentiating the various settings from ships to planets and Star Fleet uniforms to species.

Next up is the I.D.I.C. storyline that was teased at Comic-Con in July.

-Amanda Sheriff