IDW; $3.99

Wynonna, with her family and friends from Black Badge have joined her old friends, the Banditos biker gang, in a major conflict. They are under attack by Alpha X and the traitor Keegan who wants the key that Wynonna wears around her neck. Oh, and they captured Agent Dolls.

It hits the fan in Wynonna Earp Season Zero #4, and you know what it is. The battle with Alpha X has been going strong with casualties on both sides as they fight with everything from tanks to werewolves. Dolls is captive, Doc and Nicole are taking aim at several targets, Valdez is going hand to hand, and Wynonna is ready to send Keegan to his maker.

Though there’s still plenty of action, writers Beau Smith and Tim Rozon wrap up the conflict at the Bloody Porch, including introducing Agent Lucado. They also do a great job of laying groundwork for the next story, including teasing the Immortalus Consortium.

It’s obvious that writers Smith and Rozon work well, and enjoy working, together. Season Zero has been a lot of fun, depicting the bond that Wynonna and her people share, combined with great action and some very tough, if occasionally comical, one liners from this crew.  

The art by Angel Hernandez is descriptive where it counts, yet doesn’t focus too much on the extraneous details that can pull the eye away from the central conflict. Jay Fotos’ colors are spot on for this title, keeping things earthy and tonally appropriate without being bland or too dark.

-Amanda Sheriff