KaBOOM!; $7.99

While Adventure Time is typically a go-to series for goofs and gags, this week’s release is taking fans to a much darker side. The Adventure Time 2017 SpOooktacular #1 is filled to the brim with a collection of brand new shorts starring the most malevolent mint in all of Ooo, Peppermint Butler.

Monday’s are rough for everyone, well everyone except for Peppermint Butler. Before Princess Bubblegum has even made it out of bed, Peppermint Butler has already completed his morning ritual. One that includes some rather shocking elements. Later, when Finn and Jake find themselves in a war against Mmarvin the Mmagnificent and Doomsy D. Clown, Peppermint Butler is more than willing to assist. For a price. In the alternate reality of Ice King’s fan-fiction, Marshall Lee threatens to ruin Prince Gumball’s masquerade. A fact Butterscotch Butler is determined to make him regret. 

This dark and hilarious twist on everyone’s favorite butler features the literary and artistic talents of Grady Hendrix, Alyssa Wong, Adam Cesare, Chris Lackey, Heather Danforth, Christine Larsen, Slimm Fabert, and Kate Sherron. Don’t miss out, grab your spooktacular copy today 

-Braelynn Bowersox