Marvel Comics; $3.99

Following the drama of the last arc, it seems as though a runaway train making its way through New Jersey would be a little contrite by comparison, right? But few things are ever as such for Ms. Marvel, who not only has a new classmate – the handsome Kareem – but also a new do-gooder in town in the form of Laal Khanjeer (the Red Dagger). A train is indeed careening out of control after its brakes fail, and the two team up to try and prevent disaster.

This is the start of a new story arc in Ms. Marvel and it’s certainly a good one. Kamala is not only dealing with the aftermath of the previous arc, but has to come to terms in her own way with the fact that she’s not always able to do everything on her own. This is a solid jumping-on point for readers who haven’t been following Ms. Marvel super closely, and I’d highly recommend it.

-Carrie Wood