Dynamite Entertainment; $3.99 

Titan Comics has recently reintroduced the classic British hero, Dan Dare, for new adventures across the cosmos. For the first time in human history Earth and the Sol System are finally at peace. Humankind’s greatest enemy, the Mekon, have been vanquished; while poverty and famine have been all but eradicated.

You’d think with humanity on the cusp of utopia, legendary space pilot Dare would be relieved. Instead he is dying of boredom and practically begging for something to disrupt the monotony of peace. Well, be careful what you wish for. An unknown alien vessel of massive proportions has burst into the solar system and completely obliterated a moon of Saturn. Now, Dare is drawn back into adventure and tasked with saving not just Earth but of the entire universe. Will he succeed? Or will his prayer for adventure end with his demise? 

Writer Peter Milligan has crafted a truly unique take on Marcus Morris and Frank Hampson’s “Pilot of the Future.” Meanwhile the detailed art by Alberto Foche causes the story to practically leap of the page. Don’t miss out, grab your copy today!

-Braelynn Bowersox