DC; $2.99

Meena’s back! The last Barry knew she had perished during Godspeed’s attack. Somehow she was absorbed in the Speed Force. While Barry accepts this at face value, Wally is somewhat skeptical and hesitant to trust her.

Meena announces that the Speed Force has warned her that Barry’s life is in jeopardy because the Negative Speed Force is killing him. She wants to help him discover a solution before it consumes him. But is that the entire story?

The “Black Hole Rising” arc begins in this issue of Flash, by Joshua Williamson and Michael Moreci. It’s an intriguing opener. I’m happy to see Meena is back, but like Wally I’m very curious about how she survived. The way Barry is handling the Negative Speed Force is also quite interesting. For him it’s less of a villain and more of a virus, giving this a scientific angle, which is perfect for The Flash.

Keep reading to the last page. There’s an interview with Ezra Miller, the actor portraying the Flash, in the Justice League movie.

-Amanda Sheriff