BOOM! Box; $3.99

With Susan and Daisy each opting to move in with their respective significant others, Esther has largely been left to fend for herself when it comes to finding a place to live. And despite being remarkably well-known around campus, she struggles immensely to find new roommates (and even to just get another roof over her head). However, Daisy seems to be encountering her own struggles with the lifestyle she’s decided to embrace, giving some serious cause for concern.

Giant Days continues to be an absolutely delightful read from cover to cover. This issue manages to revisit some old drama (Ed’s lingering and unrequited feelings for Esther) as well as continue to expand on more current events (Daisy’s refusal to admit that Ingrid might not be the best partner). It strikes that perfect balance between legitimate drama and quick-witted comedy, and I can’t recommend this series enough.

-Carrie Wood