KaBOOM!; $3.99

When we last saw Finn and Jake, the heroes were completely exhausted after battling an Orb monster. To make matters worse, when the Orb monster exploded the entire Candy Kingdom was left in disarray – leaving the boys to clean up the mess. While begrudgingly cleaning up, Finn and Jake discover a new Adventure Town Theme Park has opened down the street. 

The pair head over to the amusement park and find themselves in the tent of the Wish Witch. After wishing for doubles to do all of their hero work for them, the duo begin to live it up at the amusement park. As their doubles make life in the Candy Kingdom better than ever, Finn and Jake begin to grow bored of the endless free time they now have. That all changes when the Wish Witch’s assistant Maggee warns them of the terrible danger their doubles actually pose. Will Finn and Jake manage to save the day one last time, or will their problems continue to multiply?

Kevin Cannon continues to craft a hilarious and heartwarming adventure with Finn and Jake. Meanwhile the cartoonish art by Joey McCormick brings the entire story to life. Grab your copy and join in on the fun today! 

Braelynn Bowersox