Titan; $49.99

Searching for the perfect gift for the Whovian in your life? Well, look no further! Hitting shelves this week is the collected year one comic adventures of the Twelfth Doctor, as played By Peter Capaldi. This deluxe, oversized hardcover includes issues 1-16 of the ongoing series, as well as a brand-new cover by Alice X. Zhang. 

Join the recently regenerated Doctor and his lovely companion, Clara Oswald, as they tackle some of the universes biggest threats, including a violent star on the warpath on a terraformed ice planet and an ancient alien, masquerading as the goddess Kali, murdering her way towards resurrection in the year 2314. But wait, there’s more! The pair must then battle an enemy who can slide between the cracks of the universe and team up with gangsters in 1960 to stop aliens from invading Las Vegas. Not to mention the horrifying secret hidden in a stately home in 1845 and the malevolent Hyperions pulling the Doctor into an epic war for the future of all humankind. 

Robbie Morrison and George Mann’s nonstop action takes readers on an epic journey across the galaxy. Coupled with the detailed art by Brian Williamson, Dave Taylor, and Mariano Laclaustra, this is a can’t miss collection. 

Braelynn Bowersox