Titan; $3.99 

When we last saw the Eleventh Doctor, Alice, and the Sapling, they had uncovered the interface of the Orphaned Hour, a terrible weapon fashioned by the Time Lords during the Time War. As this weapon approached critical levels, the TARDIS was left with no choice but to absorb the weapon into her core. While this process began ripping the ship apart, the Sapling sprouted roots in a desperate attempt to keep it together. 

Unfortunately, the TARDIS misinterpreted this as a threat, and began rapidly expanding to escape the plant matter. The ship’s breach provided the Scream the perfect opportunity to come aboard. The Doctor was forced to enact the Hostile Action Dispersal System, expelling everyone into space. At the last second the the Scream absorbed the Sapling, leaving Alice and the Doctor with no memories at all. With the Scream in control of the Sapling’s immense powers and the universe going all wibbly-wobbly, its up to the the Doctor and Alice to make things right. But how can they when their memories are all gone? Pick up your copy and discover the explosive conclusion to “Hungry Thirsty Roots” today. 

Alex Paknadel and Rob Williams created an action-packed adventure sure to thrill any Whovian. Coupled with the striking art by J.B. Bastos and Luiz Campello makes this a can’t miss issue!

-Braelynn Bowersox