BOOM! Box; $3.99

Esther is dealing with a whole new level of misery with the combination of a hangover and straight-up guilt. And if that wasn’t enough, her friend Sarah has shown up for a visit, with her sister Lottie in tow. With Sarah attending to various needs of her own, it’s up to Daisy, Susan and Esther to keep Lottie entertained in the meantime. The precocious 10-year-old does what many kids her age that haven’t yet grown a filter do: ask a lot of questions. But perhaps some of those questions are exactly what the girls (Daisy especially) need to hear.

This is a pretty interesting issue of Giant Days, in so much that the introduction of Lottie to the equation – if only briefly – completely throws a wrench into the way of things. The unfiltered truth bombs about how the leading ladies have been living their lives forces them to confront those things about themselves in a way that they had been habitually avoiding before. It should be interesting to see how things play out after this – especially for Daisy.

-Carrie Wood