KaBOOM!; $3.99

For once, Rocko isn’t the one in town with the biggest set of problems – Mr. Bighead is, given that Bev has, apparently, left him for a younger man. But for Rocko, Hefer and Filburt, it’s a chance for them to extend the olive branch and start a new friendship with the newly-single toad via a good old fashioned Boys Night. They even try online dating, but things quickly go sideways for the guys despite their best attempts to keep Ed in line.

The Rocko’s Modern Life comic keeps with the spirit of the original show with this issue, which may be the best one yet. In a series packed with over-the-top personalities, Ed Bighead may be the most severe, but this issue does his personal brand of wackiness justice. This series is definitely bound to appeal primarily to fans of the original television series, but it’s also proved to be a good starting point for readers who may not have yet been on the planet when the show aired. Regardless, it’s definitely worth a pickup.

-Carrie Wood