Dynamite; $3.99

Xena, the warrior princess is seeking redemption for the sins of her past. She’s on the dangerous road to Athens when she comes upon a struggle.

Flashback a few minutes to when three men start harassing a different lone young woman. She is also on her way to Athens to perform as a bard when the men try to rob her of any gold she may be carrying. If that doesn’t work, they have another idea for how she could make them some money. Enter Xena. She recognizes the leader as a man who used to fight with her when Xena’s activities were quite unsavory. Now he’s blocking her path to redemption.

The new Xena miniseries is off to a very good start with #1 (of 5). The storyline in this issue is basic and straightforward, but writer Meredith Finch gave it some smooth, interesting dialogue, character development, and solid introductions for the leads. It has action, it has humor, and promise of more to come.

The look of the issue was also on point. Illustrator Vicente Cifuentes and colorist Triona Farrell captured the style of the TV show in the costumes and weaponry. They also accentuated the mood of the story with creative fight panels, comical expressions on the faces of the dolts, and a little sly flirtation. This combined with the excellent lettering choice by Cardinal Rae makes the first issue of the new Xena comic a promising title.

-Amanda Sheriff