Archie Comics; $3.99

Archie has been left completely despondent after both Betty and Veronica decide not to have anything to do with him, and his eternal aura of bad luck means he’s not exactly a home run with any other ladies in Riverdale. Betty and Veronica, however, have decided to put their rivalry behind them (for now) and instead work on a budding friendship. And as the big dance looms on the horizon for Riverdale High, both Reggie and the Blossom siblings plan their next move.

This issue primarily spends its time setting up multiple other plotlines to come rather than really advancing any single part of the storyline, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The best part about Archie #28 is that we finally, finally, after 28 issues get to see Betty and Veronica’s friendship get going. It’s long overdue but I hope that it becomes a core part of what’s already been a pretty solid series. And between Reggie and the Blossoms, there’s clearly some severe drama on the way – Archie remains a series worth paying attention to.

-Carrie Wood