Titan; $3.99

After Missy’s containment vault began experiencing some technical difficulties, the Twelfth Doctor and Bill popped off to the Übermarket in search of some spare parts. While shopping, the pair discovered that the supermarket was run by robots and populated with Pathicols. During their escape, the Doctor, Bill, and Nardole discovered a powerless cargo ship drifting in the middle of space. 

Once aboard, the trio discovered the crew was disappearing and the ship’s systems were failing. What exactly was this mysterious cargo ship transporting? Information: over 500 Heavenly Hosts. As if the threat of these dangerous Host’s malfunctioning once more wasn’t bad enough, the heroes discovered yet another enemy lurking in the belly of the ship. Namely, Weeping Angels. Between taking down the Heavenly Hosts and the Weeping Angels, the Doctor already has his hands full. It’s a good thing Missy isn’t also attempting to escape and steal the TARDIS. Oh wait. Can the Doctor and his companions save the day once more or has time finally run out? 

While writer Richard Dinnick combined two of my greatest fears from the Whoniverse, I simply couldn’t put this comic down. The detailed art by Pasquale Qualano ties this entire story together and makes it a can’t miss issue.  

-Braelynn Bowersox