Dynamite; $3.99

“A parallel timeline where magic is omnipresent…”

That about sums up this wild storyline in The Librarians miniseries. In the previous issue, Orville told the Librarians about the other timeline and the presence of magic. His mission, and that of others from his time, was one of peaceful exploration. Now, other magicians from his time have come to our reality planning nothing but ruthless, sadistic destruction.

This was a pretty good first comic miniseries for The Librarians. Will Pfeiffer wrote an adventure that could easily have been pulled from the TV show with over the top villains, weird scenarios with the new characters, and a heavy dose of magic meets history. Given what the magicians are capable of, this miniseries could have easily stretched into five issues. The conclusion happens a bit too quickly, but otherwise it was a fun read.

-Amanda Sheriff