IDW; $3.99

IDIC Part 5 opens on a much happier note than the previous issue ended. When we left off, at least three versions of Kirk and some of his crew members had been killed in no win situations. Things were pretty bleak. Now, Kirk wakes up back at Starfleet Academy with his friend Gary Mitchell (from the Star Trek Ongoing series). But Kirk has a niggling feeling that something is off and then reality presents itself. From there, it gets pretty spoiler heavy, so let’s just say someone has a grand plan for this IDIC “anywhen” arc.

IDIC has been very good, and writer Mike Johnson has created a complicated, interesting narrative. Reading about different versions of the characters provides fun “What If?” scenarios that could’ve been fluff but end up with more serious circumstances. It shows what’s at the core of the characters, attributes that are present no matter what.

The point of IDIC is revealed here and it promises to bring an intense conclusion.

-Amanda Sheriff