KaBOOM!;  $3.99 

The Land of Ooo, home to the Candy Kingdom, Lumpy Space, Castle Lemongrab and many more areas, is a wonderfully colorful place. It’s practically impossible to visit this world without feeling inspired. Sadly, that is exactly the kind of thing the annoying Magic Man would choose to steal. After realizing he can’t simply follow Jake around to steal all his good ideas, Magic Man decides to rob him of his inspiration by turning the whole world black-and-white. 

Thankfully, Magic Man promises to restore the colors back to Ooo as soon as Jake can come up with an inspiring idea. Unfortunately, without the colors the heroes can’t get an inspiring idea, placing them in a catch-22-type situation. As the Candy Kingdom grows more anxious over their drab new existence, the heroes journey to the Network Kingdom to find an inspiring idea. Searching through the files this Kingdom keeps on Jake’s best ideas, the pair try to find one that will save Ooo. All they seem to uncover however, is that Jake’s mind is a weird place. Will Ooo’s greatest adventurers manage to save the Kingdom once more or will the world remain black-and-white forever? 

Conor McCreery has crafted a truly enjoyable Adventure Time story that fans of the show are sure to enjoy. Another reason fans will want to grab this issue is the incredible art by Jorge Monlongo, colorist Maarta Laiho and you! That’s right, this special coloring book issue allows you the reader to showcase your own artist talents. Grab your copy today!

Braelynn Bowersox