Titan; $3.99 

The time has sadly arrived, Whovians, for the final issue of the Twelfth Doctor’s year three adventures. This is the Doctor after all, so naturally the Gallifreyan hero would need to go out with a bang! A terrifying, nightmare-inducing bang. 

When we last saw the Doctor, Bill, and Nardole they had stumbled upon a powerless Judoon cargo ship overrun with Heavenly Hosts and Weeping Angels. After being temporarily displaced through time by a Weeping Angel, the Doctor is back and ready to save the day. Unfortunately, as the Weeping Angels continue to infest the already terrifying Heavenly Hosts, this task is growing harder by the moment. As if the horror on board wasn’t bad enough, the ship is also currently on course to collide with a nearby sun. In order to save everyone on board, especially his friends, the Doctor must accept help from an unlikely source. Can the Doctor defeat the Heavenly Hosts and Weeping Angels or will his third year adventures come to a devastating end?

Richard Dinnick has crafted a wonderful end to the Twelfth Doctor’s third year, perfectly capturing the voices of Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas, and Michelle Gomez. Meanwhile, the detailed art by Pasquale Qualano – particularly on the Heavenly Hosts infected by Weeping Angels – will haunt my dreams. Grab your copy today! 

Braelynn Bowersox