KaBOOM!; $14.99 

The Land of Ooo is home to some of the most unique, and often equally bewildering, princesses in the fictional world. One day, the kingdom decides its high time to figure out who the Best Princess Ever truly is. In a Miss America-type competition, both hosted and competed in by Lumpy Space Princess, the princess must prove their worth in a variety of challenges.  

As the challenges grow increasingly weirder, Flame Princess and Breakfast Princess decided to dominate the contest by forming an unlikely alliance. At the same time, a mysterious prankster is leaving chaos and damaged princesses around every turn. While the Best Princess Ever Contest rages on, Finn and Jake investigate the prankster and uncover the darker side to beauty contests. 

There has been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears – primarily from Lumpy Space Princess – but now the final four are ready to discover who holds the title of Best Princess Ever. Tensions are at an all time high, but only one can wear the crown. Grab your copy of this volume, collecting Adventure Time #62-65, and find out who truly is the Best Princess Ever!

-Braelynn Bowersox