Titan; $19.99 

The latest release from Titan’s Hard Case Crime imprint begs the question: how far are you willing to go to protect your family? Despite her tumultuous past, Normandy Gold now serves as the tough-as-nails Sheriff in Oregon. When her estranged sister, who she has neither seen or spoken to in 12 years, reaches out, Normandy is startled to say the least. This only increases, as during the phone call, Normandy hears her sister being murder. 

Leaping into action, Normandy arrives in DC and discovers shocking revelations about her little sister. Pulled into the seedy prostitution rings of 1970, Normandy soon discovers a twisted conspiracy leading directly to the steps of the White House. Between coping with her sister’s brutal murder, sexists cops, and diving headfirst into the gritty underbelly of 1970s DC, Normandy certainly has her hands full. But can she separate fact from fiction and uncover the people responsible for her sister’s death? Grab your copy and find out!

Bestselling crime authors Megan Abbott (You Will Know Me) and Alison Gaylin (What Remains of Me) partner with comic artist Steve Scott (X-Men Forever) on this fast-paced thriller that perfectly captures both the look and feel of every classic pulp noir. 

-Braelynn Bowersox