BOOM! Studios; $3.99

The Jazz Pandas have carried a reputation since the previous season of being cheaters – something that, understandably, unnerves newcomer (and new captain) Tomas. With the tournament coming up, Tomas and the rest of the team are trying to practice as much as possible, but Drew and Elise are distracted, to say the least, and Amardeep is dealing with some real life issues. Instead, Judith invites her older brother to practice and hopefully rejoin the team – but he’s got some conditions.

Dodge City has been a really fun read through the first two issues. It’s clearly taking a lot of cues from popular sports manga but is able to put a more western and contemporary spin on things so that it never feels like simply an echo of an existing series. The artwork by Cara McGee is also a huge highlight – it’s wildly expressive and manages to convey the action of a dodgeball game in a convincing way. This will definitely be a series to follow as more issues continue to hit shelves!

-Carrie Wood